The Part-Time Tech Landscape

An exhaustive look at the different types of part-time roles in the tech industry

Part-time is a large umbrella term that covers a wide range of working arrangements. This post is an evergreen, updated resource meant to capture the diversity of part-time work. Understanding the wide array of part-time work in tech can help you craft a work portfolio that fits your career and life.

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  • Traditional part-time employment - an employee working <40 hours/week

    • 4-day work week companies - Companies that work 40 hours or less for 4 days a week.

    • All other forms of reduced hours employment - Some companies do advertise these roles, and it’s especially common in agency businesses. But more often than not, they tend to happen through one-off negotiations, unless you live in a country where part-time work is more common like Germany. 

  • Non-traditional employment

    • Independent Consulting / Contracting - You’re hired on contract basis for hourly or project work. Requires referrals, networking, and sales to acquire clients.

    • Work Platforms - Marketplaces, agencies, and services that connect people looking for work with companies. Depending on the business model, these can be essentially recruiting agencies to software based two-sided marketplaces. Jobs can range from a quick one day gig to multi year contracts. Spurred by remote work, we’re seeing an explosion in these types of platforms.

    • Board Membership - Typically for VPs+ or a domain expert, board members are usually paid well in either cash and/or equity as fiduciaries for a company.

    • Teaching - Use your professional expertise to teach for professional training businesses, bootcamps, schools, etc.

    • X-in-residence - Entrepreneur/operator/expert-in-residence programs are popular positions offered most typically by VC firms for people in between full-time jobs. They offer a chance to support a VC’s portfolio companies and receive a salary while looking for your next full-time gig.

    • Entrepreneurship - Build a new product or service yourself. Be your own boss and work as little or as much as you want.

    • Expert Networks - Agencies that connect companies with professionals for specialized research calls. These calls are often just 30 minutes to an hour and can pay fairly well, though getting consistent work can be a challenge.