Introducing the Part-Time Tech Podcast! 🎙

Plus 3 Takeaways from Jeffrey Chupp, our first guest and software engineering contractor

We’re excited to announce the Part-Time Tech podcast! The goal of this podcast is to share real stories about part-time work; we want to feature guests who have worked part-time, employers who hire part-time, and companies that enable part-time. It’s one thing to opine about the case for part-time work behind my keyboard, but it’s a whole different thing to hear it from people first hand.

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No time to listen? Here are three takeaways from chatting with Jeffrey Chupp:

You can be an independent contractor without having to do sales.

Jeffrey tries to “out-work and out-nice” everyone at work. It stuck out to me because this is why I reached out to Jeffrey after working with him almost a decade ago! This has led to Jeffrey doing almost no marketing beyond saying to his network that he’s available for work. From there all his clients have come inbound because of his reputation. Past co-workers, clients, and friends have been sufficient to keep his work filled up.

Reducing hours might not mean a pay cut.

 Jeffrey makes more money now working 80% time as a contractor in a non-tech hub working remotely, than he was full-time a few years ago in the Boston area. Now certainly this isn’t an apples to apples comparison of two roles, but it does show that reducing hours doesn’t necessarily mean tightening your belt.

Employers love the flexibility of a contractor when wielded correctly.

One of Jeffrey’s recent engagements involved refactoring authentication across a company’s systems. The company knew the project was important but couldn’t quite staff it easily within their existing organization structure and resources. It didn’t fit neatly into their existing boxes. Rather than re-org or have a full-time employee go on a solo mission, it was much easier to have Jeffrey work through the project which he delivered with much success.

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