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Chances are, if you’ve stumbled on this blog, something struck a chord with you. Not wanting to slog in your full time job. Yearning for a deeper work-life balance that means more than balancing life around your work. Pursuing hobbies for fun or profit. Or simply, trading money for time.

The pandemic along with other changes in the world around us have accelerated a change in how we work. Part-time work will become a bigger component of how tech works than ever before.

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Who writes this thing?

👋 Hey! I’m Ernie.

I’ve spent the last decade working in tech. If we’re being honest, my path looks extremely cookie cutter and LinkedIn worthy (that’s half compliment half insult): CS at MIT, founded a YC startup for a hot minute, was at HubSpot for nearly 8 years as an engineer and manager doing product-led growth, and most recently at Brex. All that bragadociousness aside, I was never really that career oriented. I enjoyed work and accomplishing things, but a career in the traditional sense never motivated me.

No surprise, during the pandemic, I burned out and left my job. Being an extrovert, I just couldn’t take the zoom life. Eventually, I found part-time work to bring in income while being able to do all the other things I’ve wanted to do. Like starting a farm, spending more time with my family, and volunteering. I found a much better balance of how I wanted spend my time. And yes it’s a privileged place to be.

Nearly every conversation I’ve had with friends in tech is one of envy and a similar desire to find that type of balance. That to me was validation that there is a great demand out there for more part-time work, and so this newsletter was born.


Ernie Park
Evangelizing part-time work in tech. Work can fit around your life, and not the other way around. Former engineering leader at HubSpot and Brex, YC S12 MicroEval. Now consulting, blogging, farming, serving, volunteering, whatever-ing.